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Dr. Stephen Kendall is Professor of Architecture at Ball State University. He is a registered architect, with a professional degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters of Architecture and Urban Design degree from Washington University in St. Louis. His PhD is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied with John Habraken and Donald Schön.  

Dr. Kendall is an internationally recognized speaker, educator and scholar in the field of open building. He has published more than 40 refereed papers, co-authored several books, authored book chapters and technical reports, and has taught in the  United States, Taiwan, Italy, and Indonesia. His research, teaching and writing focus on the application of open building principles and practices in both residential and health care architecture.  


Open Building

Open building is an approach to design recognized internationally to represent a new wave in architecture, but a new wave with roots in the way the ordinary built environment forms, regenerates, and achieves wholeness.

An open building approach recognizes something quite unremarkable but something that nevertheless needs to be made explicit: that both stability and change are realities in the contemporary built environment.  

Buildings—and the neighborhoods they occupy—are not static artifacts even during the most stable times, and during times of social and technical upheaval, need adjustment in some measure to remain attractive, safe, and useful. Designing and constructing buildings involves many people, who, when reaching agreements, make distribution of responsibility a normal characteristic of the culture of building.

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